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Offensive Leaders:     AVG: Graziadie .478     H: Graziadie 11     1B: Graziadie 9     2B: Coger 2     3B: Warner Beard O'Conner 1     HR: Graziadie Warner Beard 1     RBI: Warner 9     R: Graziadie Warner 8     SLG: Warner .824%     SB: Warner 8        Pitching Leaders:    ERA: Steerman Tucker 0.00    K: BNeumann 18    W: Krueger 2    S: Graziadie 2
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UPDATE! The Cougars have returned successful from their tournament in Zama. We placed third out of seven teams. The Cougars were dominate in the first game against the Yokota Panthers as we won 5-3. Gerrid Warner took home the win and the game ball. The next game tested the strength of the Cougars as we advanced to the semifinals to face the league runner up ASIJ. They threw there number one at us and we threw Brad Neumann, who contributed an excellent performance in a 3-2 nailbiting loss. Brad Neumann collected a game ball for his pitching performance and Matt Beard collected a game ball for his clutch hitting. The third game pitted us against the Kinnick Red Devils for the rights to third place. We won a crafty game 5-4. The pitchers that contributed were Bryan Krueger, Eddie Steerman, and Dean Graziadie. Scott Neumann collected the game ball for his hitting. Congrats to the Cougars!
Your 2001 Misawa Cougars

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