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The latest news out of the Cougars Camp is that the team has been given $500 from the Misawa Enlisted Spouses Club. We are greatly appreciative for this! We are also hoping for an equal contribution from the Misawa Officers Spouses Club. This money will be partially used to take the financial burden off of the parents who are sending their children down to the Tokyo are for four days during the middle of July. The intent is for the team to catch a Japanese professional baseball game and spend a day in Tokyo prior to the beginning of the tournament. This will provide an opportunity for the team to experience the culture of Japan and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. The team is also considering the purchase of new uniforms and a shirt that the team will be able to wear when out in public. Also, the team hopes for uniforms that will be able to be personalized for each individual player.

The team is scheduled to play as a club team in the End of Season Tournament located at Camp Zama. There will be seven teams participating: Yokota, American School in Japan, St. Mary's, Kinnick, Zama, youth services team from Yongson Garrison in Korea, and Misawa. The team is definately stoked about this trip and opportunity to show our skills. The team is an awesome team from top to bottom and has six or seven capable of making starts as a pitcher. Given the offensive display showed during the last two games on the last trip, the team feels we are capable of going head to head with any team in the tourney and coming out with a victory. The tournament takes place on May 18 and 19. WISH US LUCK!

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